Strand Outfitters has been a proud stockist of schoolwear for many of East London’s schools for over 70 years. We supply a wide variety of school uniform and sportswear.

Schoolwear is available for purchase at our Oxford Street branch as well as our new Vincent branch located in the Patcyn Centre in Frere Road. In addition to the school uniform items we supply for the above schools we also stock a wide range of plain or unbadged school wear items such as blazers and shirts for many other Eastern Cape schools.

Our in-store tailor is available for any school uniform alterations or to sew on any school badges or attach any blazer cord or braid. To contact us for a quotation or for stocking your school uniform or for wholesale enquiries please call us on 043 722 1225 or 084 749 9038 or email us at info@strand-outfitters.co.za.

Strand Outfitters are stockists of official school uniform items for the following schools:

  • Amitek High
  • Academy High School
  • Baysville High School
  • Cambridge Primary School

  • Cambridge High School

  • Crewe Primary School

  • George Randall Primary School

  • George Randall High School

  • Hudson Park Primary School

  • Hudson Park High School

  • Merrifield College and Preparatory
  • Ntsonkotha High School

  • Port Rex Technical High

  • St Christophers’ Private School

  • Selborne Primary School

  • Selborne Pups

  • Selborne College

  • Southernwood Primary School

  • Stirling Primary School

  • Stirling High School



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